V 4.0 introduction letter  

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Dear Friends,

Another year has passed, and we are delighted to bring you an updated version 4.0 of the Kokolus Story website with a more user-friendly interface and with new, exciting information about our Kokolus family!

For instance, the US Immigrants Gallery is full of new documents, such as Marriage Index, Social Security Death Index, and US Public Records Index. Most importantly though, we are introducing a new type of easy-to-use descendant tables, which are conveniently linked to these Gallery documents in order to support and illustrate that the information on the website is correct and verified.

And the best thing about this brand new feature? There is no need to scan the whole Gallery in search for the various person-specific documents! One simple click on a link labeled “DOC” in your chosen Descendant Tree will take you to the corresponding table, and you can look up the individual of your interest plus all their related info and available documents right there. For illustration see the links below:

- US-3, IM-34 Stefan Kokolus
- US-4, IM-13 Prokopius Kokolus
- US-5, IM-14 Sylvester Kokolus
- Paul Kokolus

Just to recap, all the Kokolus family members who immigrated to the USA through Ellis Island, Baltimore or Philadelphia are already listed in the Immigrant Table. Some of them are also mentioned in the census lists of the in 1910, 1920, 1930 or 1940 US Census.

Nevertheless, we have added some new information about the Kokolus family members who immigrated to the US and updated the Descendant Trees:

- US-1 Joannes Kokolus
- US-3, IM-34 Stefan Kokolus
- US-4, IM-13 Prokopius Kokolus
- US-5, IM-14 Sylvester Kokolus
- Paul Kokolus

We have also updated and amended the US Immigrants Table:


Furthermore, we have added some information, as well as the convenient descendant tables with documents about our Czech and Slovak ancestors:

- CS-1 Gregorius Kokolus
- CS-2 Elias Kokolus

Finally, we have significantly expanded the US Gallery, as mentioned in the beginning of this message:

- US Census
- Marriage index
- Social Security Death Index
- US Public Records Index
- US Newspapers

There is still a lot of exciting family history to discover, and we hope that with your kind help we will be able to fill in more and more information about the Kokolus kin. As this is an ever-evolving process, please feel free to get in touch should you spot any inaccuracy, or should you possess information that might help to complete the picture. Your co-operation would be much appreciated.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Kokolus Story Team