Paul Kokolus: List of descendants  

NamePlace of BirthChildrenPlace of DeathAgeSexDocuments
1Geiger, Carol G.1954FMarriage Index
2Hoffer, Minnie F.26 April 1922 in Nazareth, USA205 October 2011 in Bethlehem, USA89FSocial Security Death Index
3Hosage, Brent A.07 September 1955MUS Public Records Index
4Hosage, Daniel A.18 August 1932 in Edwardsville, USA414 February 1998 in Denver, USA66MSocial Security Death Index
5Hosage, Daniel A. Jr.05 May 1957MMarriage IndexUS Public Records Index
6(Hosage), Elaine M.1957FDivorce Index
7Hosage, ElizabethF
8Hosage, Mark Andrew16 December 1958MMarriage IndexDivorce IndexDivorce IndexUS Public Records Index
9Jordan, Julia C.1960FMarriage IndexDivorce Index
10Kokolus, Allen John3MUS Public Records Index
11Kokolus, Annie09 August 1917 in Ormrod, USA209 January 2006 in Whitehall, USA89FUS Census 1930Marriage IndexSocial Security Death IndexThe Morning Call
12Kokolus, Anthony John1MThe Morning Call
13Kokolus, Catherine03 September 1920 in Ormrod, USA216 April 2012 in Westminster, USA92FUS Census 1930Marriage IndexSocial Security Death IndexUS Public Records Index
14Kokolus, Elizabeth Marie4F
15Kokolus, Gregory J.13 December 1954MThe Morning CallUS Public Records Index
16Kokolus, JeanF
17Kokolus, JenniferF
18Kokolus, John A.17 November 1958MThe Morning CallUS Public Records Index
19Kokolus, John H.14 April 1923 in Ormrod, USA315 July 2012 in Northampton, USA89MUS Census 1930Marriage Index
20Kokolus, Joseph28 November 1915 in Ormrod, USA127 July 1995 in Salisbury, USA80MUS Census 1930Marriage IndexVeterans Burial Card
21Kokolus, KatieF
22(Kokolus), Liz1F
23Kokolus, Mary Louise1F
24Kokolus, Paul08 September 1925 in Ormrod, USA214 December 1996 in Fountain Hill, USA71MUS Census 1930Veterans Burial CardSocial Security Death Index
25Kokolus, Paul Jr.1M
26Kokolus, RyanM
27Kokolus, SaraF
28Kokolus, TyM
29Kokolus, Wasyl2 August 1893 in Galicia7MMarriage IndexUS Census 1930US WWIIPassenger List 1Passenger List 2
30Kordilla, Wilma Ann19 April 1919 in Much Chunk, USA130 July 1996 in Berks, USA77FMarriage IndexSocial Security Death Index
31Kraynick, Cynthia A.F
32Kraynick, Michael15 November 1919 in Northampton, USA212 June 2009 in Baltimore, USA90MMarriage IndexUS Census 1940Social Security Death Index
33Kraynick, Michael AndrewM
34Marth, EdwardM
35Micio, Helen1928 in Northampton, USA325 March 1996 in Northampton, USA68FMarriage Index
36Micklos, Rosemary A.31 May 1956FThe Morning CallUS Public Records Index
37Morano, RobertM
38Morano, StevenM
39Nederostek, Rita Marie1FThe Morning Call
40Pierzga, Ann E.15 October 19683FUS Public Records Index
41Schlegel, Gregory1M
42Schlegel, MatthewM
43Szabo, Susan K.07 July 1960FThe Morning CallUS Public Records Index
44Turbetsky (Terebecki), Mary3 August 1892 in Zawadka #677FMarriage IndexUS Census 1930
45(Wadusky), Barbara A.F
46Wadusky, Daniel F.14 June 19431MUS Public Records Index
47Wadusky, Diane F.17 February 1971FUS Public Records Index
48(Wadusky), Faye D.22 October 19451FUS Public Records Index
49Wadusky, Francis D.07 August 1955MUS Public Records Index
50Wadusky, Francis D.07 August 1955MUS Public Records Index